Our Team

We have a core team comprising qualified merchandisers, QCs, Pattern Master, Samplemen, Administrative and Commercial personnel while fractional staff is drawn on need basis.

ESL team is target driven and is tailored to satisfy valued customers by addressing their needs whilst it often respect its base unit being manufacturing unit. However, the task of major two department are :

Task of Merchandising Team —

  • Monitoring new trends in fabric, fashion and design and update buyers as necessary. Offer cost effective alternative solutions.
  • Keep a vigil eye on matching order lead time thereupon offering competitive quotes
  • Provide necessary development samples to buyers
  • Identify possible problems in style and address the modification or alternative and contact with buyer back and forth in so respect
  • Ensure fabric quality and seek approval thereof
  • Monitor supply chain of fabric and trims and ensure timely delivery of each and all articles at factory premises
  • On time handing over production file with required contents to production department
  • Systematic follow-up starting from pre-production approval to on-line production
  • Ensure periodic in-line Inspection & final Inspection in association with quality team
  • Execute shipment
  • Maintaining proper contact with logistic team
  • Uninterrupted contact with buyer including all actors in the process and maintain good reporting

Task of Quality Team —

  • Inspect all incoming, in-process and final goods to ensure quality of goods
  • Ensure that all patterns and grading of patterns are okay
  • Inspect marker and check if it is okay and stay within consumption
  • Inspect spreading, cutting and numbering
  • Ensure if relaxation time was given to knitted fabric
  • Install in-line inspector in the sewing line
  • Install traffic light chart system or any other system to monitor quality
  • Inspect input is given correctly and 100% goods delivered from sewing lines
  • Inspect the table quality passed garments with statistical technique
  • Control reject goods so that they do not mix up with the quality ones
  • Control repairable goods, washable goods so that they can be double checked
  • Inspect goods with right equipment & in right condition (it should be done in well lit table)
  • Inspect ironing, folding
  • Make repeat inspection of garments prior to poly-bagging
  • Inspect poly-bagging and assortment
  • Final table inspection is conducted prior to shipment of goods
  • Impart training to QA personnel so that they can easily identify defects and understand the causes of defects, also the statistical techniques
  • Continuous improvement log and its measurement against standards