Factory Evaluation and Social compliance

We have made it a custom to locate right manufacturing unit for each customer. In so respect, our compliance executive who pre-assess or evaluate the factory thoroughly on the basis of following parameters-

  • Factory’s civil structural design & Layout
  • Fire protection and safety measures
  • Environment, Occupational health & safety
  • Factory equipment & machineries
  • Power back-up
  • Productivity & technical competency
  • Factory personnel competency
  • Financial performances
  • Level of professionalism, flexibility and commitment history
  • Supply chain

Social compliance-

  • Whether approved workers are employed
  • Code of conduct whether maintained
  • Wages, benefits, working hours / overtime etc
  • Grievance handling procedures (whether complaint box & other media are in place)
  • Health and hygiene, first aid and primary treatment facilities for workers
  • Day care, meal taking place, pure drinking water, void and free space, clean toilets etc.